Between economy and beautiful projects

Between economy and beautiful projects

:Economist/ Don Levy


Here at Fortune Empire our mission is to bring the world together by enabling capital seekers to easily and smoothly match with capital providers from around the world.


As we look to 2018 I intend to fulfill the promise I made in my first article and bring to you a series of investment opportunities that are matched to the key trends that are driving change in the Middle East.


As was noted in my last article, it is not news that the world is rapidly moving away from fossil fuels and thus it becomes imperative that we diversify our economies. Oil has provided unimaginable wealth to the region and enabled the unprecedented growth that we have seen. At the same time it has lulled us into thinking that it will sustain us forever and that is clearly not the case.


The second trend we pointed to is that the governments of the region are clear that it is time to stop being strictly consumers of the goods and services of the world and start being producers. The Arab world is rich in the fundamental resources needed to develop new industries. We have abundant land, a large labor pool, access to cheap and renewable energy and an established transportation network. It is time we invest in ourselves and accelerate the process of diversifying the regions economy.


Here is a new point that is critical to our future. The West has been the source of global innovation for the last few centuries. Why? Because they invest the development of human capital. What that means is they have robust educational institutions, their companies spend heavily on leadership and management development, and the people of the west spend some $150 billion a year on non-college education and personal growth and development. We must close this gap.


At Fortune Empire we recognize the importance of this trend and as a result have entered into a partnership with one of the leading companies in this space, the Human Potential Project. We believe so strongly in the prospects of this market that we have assigned our own Chief Operating Officer, Chris Majer to help run this company as we develop it into a global powerhouse. His experience as a leader and manager will be invaluable to us in this regard.


As I promised in the last article, Fortune Empire is going to bring you a series of top tier investment opportunities that support the goals of diversifying the regional economy and enable you to participate in financial opportunities that come with it.


Today I have two companies that I believe will be of interest to you. They are very different and that is intentional, as I want to bring you a wide array of opportunities so that we can generate opportunities for the wide range of interests and priorities that you have.


The first is as I mentioned, the Human Potential Project. This company has a sterling record of working with top tier corporate clients like AT&T, Microsoft, Intel, CapitalOne, Amgen, Allianz and host of others. They have been in business for 18 years and are looking for $10 million in growth capital to move into the consumer sector and turn the company into a global powerhouse. This is a great opportunity to invest in a leading edge company that is in the business of enabling people to live more productive, satisfying lives and companies to achieve levels of performance that would otherwise be unobtainable. Here is a link that will take you to presentation deck that explains the opportunity.


The second company is Aulterra International. This company has a very unique product called the Neutralizer. What the product does is neutralize the harmful effects of cell phone radiation. It is now settled science that the Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMF) from cell phones causes a number of significant health problems for people. Certain cancers, brain dysfunction, behavioral problems in children, and dangerous damage to DNA are but a few of the well documented dangers of consistent cell phone usage. The Neutralizer is a simple sticker that is embedded with a specific mix of rare earth elements that have paramagnetic properties and this patented combination eliminates the dangers associated with cell phones, lap top computers, microwave ovens and any and all electronic devices. The global demand for health protection products is huge and this is a product that has global appeal. The company is offering two options. An equity investment of $5 -10 million or if there is a group that is interested in developing a new industry in the region you can purchase and move the company here for $25 million. We have opted to support this company by also assigning our COO to assist in their development as well. Here is a link to a presentation that will give you an introduction to the company and the dangers of cell phone EMF.


Hopefully you will find one of these different opportunities to be of interest. I am happy to provide additional information and set up meetings with the companies. You can reach me at


In the months to come I will continue to bring you opportunities for investment and economic growth. I am in ongoing conversations with the governments in the region and look forward to help accelerate the process of economic diversification.

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