Between the United States and the Middle East

Between the United States and the Middle East

:Economist/ Don Levy


I am honored to have been appointed as the U.S. Regional Director for Laila Khamis Magazine. This is a time of great opportunities for the region and I am looking forward to helping as we all work to build a robust and diverse economy that be sustainable for generations. To do that we will need to build new alliances, look to new technologies, be willing to learn new ways of working, and expand our sense of possibilities. In short we need to get connected to the world in a much different, deeper, and more meaningful way.


I am the Chairman of Fortune Empire and it is with the specific purpose of connecting the world that we have built our innovative technology platform. We intend to bring the world closer together via mutual investment and success. We believe the future of global prosperity is in the development of sustainable and healthy enterprises around the world that can grow and support families, communities and countries.


It is this quality in conjunction with our corporate mission that has enabled this special relationship with Laila Khamis Magazine. It gives us a conduit as we seek to grow our global platform among Middle Eastern countries. Our platform connects capital providers with those reliable enterprises that need stable sources of capital to grow their companies, create more jobs, and generate economic stability. We enable you to find the opportunities not just to invest, that part is simple, but to develop enterprises that can expand the economies of the region, locate and operate in the region.


For example, the National Transformation Plan in Saudi Arabia under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is a pivotal element of the country’s “Vision 2030” reforms which were announced last year to overhaul the economy and reduce what the deputy crown prince called Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil and broaden to other key industries. That is a much needed and noble vision. With your help we can show you how accelerate and accomplish that mission.


We see this new partnership with Laila Khamis Magazine as a way to help share innovation with its large and active audience and invite you to read our latest articles and news releases and to please join us in enhancing economic opportunity and create a more interconnected interdependent world.


Please visit us at where you can learn more and get those that you know connected to a new world of possibilities and prosperity.

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